There are almost always zombies.
Beware the evil yellow clouds. . .
It's been converted into a life raft?
The one in the center is especially well done. Really enjoyed this set. Thanks Motts!
Mica that is a really awesome fabric printed in red white and blue. I have seen it in several quilt stores. It looks a lot better when it is clean. Looks like the teacher tried to swag it across the wall. Wonder what it looked like when new.
P I A N O. Yes - always The Piano. Thanks, - is the picture of flood.....what would be the Sound??????
As I watch the news of Houston I come back to ponder what may be left to decay after this latest Gulf Flood.
Lino? They still did those? Amazing.
Thank you so much all pictures fine gallery indeed. The waterline - very touching....
The mess
I love NGM
Strange decoration indeed
Tiles don´t fail
Heart to you...LOVE is