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It would be amazing to see what this place looked like before it became abandoned.
Looks like an expensively designed Victorian home to me. The quality is incomparable
Gosh this is depressing!!The house I grew up in was from the same era and had a landing such as this.
Has it been demolished?
I believe the ceiling is made of terra cotta tile, which have ridges that make it seem like lathe.
I can imagine an old Grandfather clock on that second landing, quietly ticking away the hours. . .
You can tell the quality and expense that went in to building this mansion. Look at the ceiling and the lathing and how close it is. I remember my mothers house had plaster and lath walls and the lath was farther apart than this.
Jack, I agree with you 100%. I refuse to purchase new furniture for just that reason. Six months later, it falls apart. When I had to buy office furniture for my job, the desks were pretty expensive and when they came in a box I found out it was just particle board. After a few months of use, two out of the three desks had fallen apart. I was taught how to reupholster furniture when I was in my 20s and I would rather hunt the junk shops for certain styles of a chair and then redo it. Guaranteed it will last. I did one back in 1982 or 83 and it's still holding up pretty well.
Welcome to my corner of the assylum
First thing that went through my mind was what fun it would be to roller skate in this attic.
Would have been a great place to curl up with a good book.
Thanks Motts.
Love the shot Motts.
Yes WJ. And what staircase Mike?
Where are the zombies?