Might just be me but the doors don't seem to fit the doorway.
Hard hats anyone?
Agree with about everything above. The curve makes it seem like the hall goes on forever. There is a feeling of spaciousness to me. It's also relaxing.
See the face too. Cool
There are almost always zombies.
Wonder how many of these are salvageable? I would drive around in any of them.
Even zombies have to sleep sometime.
Another great new set , this is what will always keep me coming back for more!
It never ceases to amaze me the effort someone will go to vandalize something such as multiple panes of quarter inch thick wire reinforced saftey glass.
Yeah autoguy my first thought was the Zombies got the rest.
Oh I want one.
Fun to drive too.
Thanks Motts. Shame the Zombies ran off with all the chairs.
Ok I am NOT leaving highly inappropriate (nasty) comment that came to mind.
You'll just bleep it anyway.
Vampires were partying with the Zombies.