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In the immortal words of Tiny Tim, 'God Bless Us, Everyone!'...Wishing you all a joyous Christmas and a Blessed New Year! All my best, Marie : )
Ephemera: Cemetery Safari: Baltimore's Sinking Stones
As a side note, you were very wise to trust your gut feelings in staying out of the brewery, Mr. Motts. Sometimes you never know what's on the other side, and it's better to stay safe and go with your intuition. I've gotten that same feeling sometimes whenever I've explored places and knew when to back off...maybe my Guardian Angel is looking out for me.
Ephemera: Cemetery Safari: Baltimore's Sinking Stones
Love the statue of the angel; hauntingly beautiful cemetery!
Those bars lined up on the wall look like the ballet barres at my dance studio.
Did you know that "Lavender" is my favorite color? : )
I love the mint green and light pink colors that were popular in the 50's. My friend, Veena, has a kitchen in Belmont, MA that still has these colors and has never been remodeled-it's a blast from the past! : )
@nick-I like your idea of the circular driveway and fountain...I love when properties are finely landscaped-it gives them such appeal. This particular property reminds me of an old, romantic, countryside estate, lost in time...beautiful!
@Larry-Love your commentary about the past lives of these two devoted souls. It is interesting to think back on how their lives must have been, and how they have come full circle into heavenly eternity. Life passes by so quickly...we need to treasure each moment. Hope everyone out there has a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving! : )
@mammabear-Thank you for your caring comment and concern. Yes, it was sad when they took my old barn down. It was even sadder though, when I lost my dad to leukemia 4 years ago. Before he got sick, he was a very healthy, rugged man, always outdoors on his Ford tractor : ) . And, yes, I was a "daddy's" girl. I had a great childhood growing up surrounded by farm land and woods with lots of animals. I miss my dad so much, but I still feel his presence, and I still feel that he is watching over me.
Interesting shot-nice details. I feel the same way that you do, Mr. Motts about never having to see a historical building gutted and destroyed. It's better to remember the way it was in the past. When they took my dad's old barn down, it was very sad; I didn't watch. I had a lot of fun childhood memories of that barn: kittens and puppies being born, playing with my cousins, making a "haunted house" of the barn, ect. The barn and my dad (God rest his soul) are gone now, but the memories still live on...
Scuba diving lessons in here?! ; )
I took a walk here last Sunday; tried to picture how everything was back in the "good old days". Thank God they at least left the admin part of this magnificent structure. I also walked down the covered staircase and woodland path that goes down the hill of the property-it was a beautiful autumn day.
Such a grand staircase! I can picture a woman in a lovely ball gown descending upon those stairs to make her grand entrance. : )
Ephemera: Reperages
Intriguing video. Love the butterfly effect! I like it at the end where the butterfly is set free; sort of a metaphor of a patient's soul being set free to live a harmonious life...
Ephemera: Cornell's Hydraulic Lab
Wow! That place is something else! Something you'd see in a mysterious movie perhaps. I know it must be tempting to try to go inside, but I think you made the right decision-it doesn't look too sturdy.