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If one of the functions of art is to stir controversy, you've certainly done that with this piece! That's what I love about the shots you get. You visit a seemingly impersonal environment and capture some VERY personal subject matter. Not sure why this fellow was imprisoned or what this "release" date signifies, but as none of us are privy to his story, or even his identity, we have no basis for judgment. Maybe he was a heartless criminal who deserved every painstaking moment he spent here and more, or maybe he was a victim of circumstance - in the wrong place at the wrong time - and imprisoned for a crime he never committed. We will likely never know the truth, but this is a window into the very grave and personal experience of another human being. Regardless of his position, I hope he's a better man for it.
Thanks for sharing this. Both fascinating and disturbing, I found this guy's story and photographs to be very inspiring. To see, without hindrance, the deplorable and shameful conditions that existed in these places makes you sick, but to know the impact they would have in changing the horrible conditions they portray lends them a certain beauty. They are truly amazing compositions.