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"Claustrophobia" is the perfect name for this photo. Normally one would think blackness closing in, but these high pink walls with their weird bouncing light are like an optical straitjacket. Makes your breath tighten in your throat....
This shot is made even more horrific by the fact that the door is partially open: one would expect a "violent ward" door to be closed fast. This view leads the viewer to wonder: has someone got out, or am I being invited in? An unpleasant thought, either way.
"No Sun in the Solarium" - how sad is that? You are a poet as well as a photographer, Mr. Mott.
The boarded-up windows make the building look closed off and introspective, like it's dead to the world now. And maybe it is....
It breaks my heart that this will be torn down to make apartments. If the people this space is being designed for knew its history, would they still want to live there?
I think it looks like a church spire: albeit a rather bleak one. Old school Puritan or unbending Calvinist, take your pick. Striking, though.