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tied to go there today , got to the main entrance in the car got out and started walking round the fence with no intention of doing anything illegal i just wanted to see from beyond the fence but within 2 mins security pulled up and in an aggressive manner and told me to leave , i said " i was just looking " to which he replied " theres no looking , so i called him a dick and left so gonna go back tommorow and try and hop the fence to piss him off . I could understand being like that with me if i was looking to steal and break shit or even just jump the fence but im genuinly interested in the building , i find it fascinating and in the few times ive been there i wanna see more of it . I ts a truly amazing place and would highly reccomend seeing it in person
I hated those ropes. Only cool thing about gym was watching the cute girls strech hehe
to me, coming across old microwave ovens is the epitome of abandonment, for some reason. my family once had some property and one building sat inactive for about 20 years. 1986-2004 when it was sold and demolished. there was a basement kitchen with 50's style dining booths and stuff. i chose to go here after years of wondering what ever happened to it . well the microwave, a Liton metal monster oven was sitting in a cabinet with sliding doors near the pots and pans cabinet. Being that the bldng had power and heat still, I of course tried to turn it worked BUT THE SMELL . was like sampling death. wish i could post pics of the boiler room....3 water tanks, all gas fired hot water, 2 abandoned tanks, and a massive oil burner steam heating boiler.
hay lucy im home ///
grate pick st king eat your hart out//////call it the sadness of fear
that was when smoke was smoke //////////sweet wood work the guys and gals that carved all l of this wood work soon lived here /thay prayed for the use of thair hands from doing all the work
everyone went to bed when it got dark one candle will not work to read or anything in a room this big
you would have to be blind and retarded not to know how to turn off a big light switch
looks like thay spent half of there life not cleaning it any one for a broom
some one cut the door down agian///////////
some one did not pay the rent to owen bill
the pigs could atleast pick up the sheets after thay peed on them put them//// in the dam washer slum dog/ pig
thay would not put the brain back into the body until thay died [ from being shocked with 400 volts //// at one time being called crazy ment something //
I can't believe they just let buildings and equipment like this just go to waste. How many new buildings were built that could've filled these places instead?
Looks like the property could've been converted to office space or a properly run hospital or school or something rather than be abandoned
should made this into apartments for low income