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This looks very much like a monitor used in monitoring rooms (some thing I did for over 4 years) to watch security cameras. The buttons control brightness, contrast typical tv style ajustments and the t bar . controls which camera you want to watch(usualy they can be set up for about 4 different cameras for ones I saw like this) and/or if you want it to split screan and watcn multiple cameras at once. How ever I am not sure. Though we had one were I worked that looked just like this only it was black and instead of a t bar it was a large round switch.
I cant believe they left those there. Do you know how expensive those are? I am trying to get into tattooing and I do not have an auto clave yet as I can not afford one. And they just le..... hey were is this again? ;-)
BBW = big beautiful woman. There are other versions but thats the main one
Yes these rooms look sad but these were children that if they had a chance mite get out and hurt them selfs or some one else. Some if not all probably could not take care of themselfs so even if all they did was get out and run away it could have had horendous results. They did not have plexi glass then so nice barless windows would not have realy been an option. They did not have the space to make extra housing to make the rooms nice big and roomy. Sure there were some realy bad things that use to happen but mostly it was because people did not know better and they thought the treatments helped.
here is info on Jenny Wade http://www.jennywade.c...aspx?pageRef=history How ever there is no mention of the blood stain and I could not find mention of it else were
Well I am sure they let the boys and girls do some activities together. Play in the yard and such
Lynne I love reading your posts, you seem intellegent and you seem to have a lot of knowlege (I can not spell worth a crap) and you are extreamly informative. Gotta love that. Also you make me laugh some times like the rest that seem to be regular posters
I would love a bath tub with seatbelts for all those times I fell asleep in it and slid in only to wake up panicing because my face was under water. Yeah I believe it would be to help people that had problems staying upright. Showers would be much easier then restraining them in a tub. It just makes more sense. If people were abusing people because they caused them more work why would they not use the easiest way to wash them and use the shower?
I have a great deal of respect for people that work in institutions. I did a work expeirince in a mental institution. I was on in the day patient area doing some of the administrative work. Most of the patients were friendly but the ones that were not were hell. One day on the elephator 2 young girls came in as my self and some one else working in the adminstrative area of the day patients were going up to the top floor. One of the girls walked the other to the corner of the elephator and asked that we drop her off on the 3rd floor. No problem. Soon as the elephator closed the girl started pounding her head onto the elephator wall screaming that she could not take the pain she needed drugs and shaking. Seeing as the other woman that was with me was small she went and got a nurse as I watched the patient not closly but making sure she did not leave the elephator (she never tried to get out thank gosh) and making sure no one else got in and that it stayed on that floor. The girl then procedded to beet on the nurse so my co-worker ran to get security (when the nurse backed off the girl stoped hitting her). How ever at this time I also noticed some wrong doing of the staff. Such as the realy pretty young patient who I believe was nymphatic because we hated using the stairs because she was forever in there having sex with any one of the other patients or frequently this one security officer. We reported him many times but nothing ever came of it. I am currently a security officer do to the ammount of, for lack of a better word, SICK things I have seen security do in the mental institution and when a friend or mines boy friend was in prison.
I am always stuned at how well the fire places are preserved. Most of these places have such lovely finre places, even when some of the places themselfs held horrid secrets
Simply breathtaking. It reminds me of some ruins I saw a couple of summers ago with a friend.
It is lovely.
That reminds me of me when I have had one to many 24s
Oh yeah, this is def the ferrie I was on last year
Hey that looks in better shape then some of the BC ferries I take to get from the mainland to Vancouver Island. Oh wait, no that is the ferrie I took, MA BAD, MA BAD