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Almost like a wolf angel, or sorts. Very cool.
Do you see the wolf face?
Do you see the wolf face?
Chupacabra? :-)
I have visited the Huy mill a couple of weeks ago and it is now part of a construction site..

I asked a construction worker and they are building a new factory next to the mill.

As the place was swarming with construction workers I was unfortunately unable to sneak into the mill.. (There are also a couple of fences surrounding it)
I went e not to long ago if u hit the metal beams with a stick they all make different noise it's awesome
sexy nures
YYOOOO!!! i was in dere like 2 weeks ago!!...its OD crazyyy!!...i went at night soo it was OD dark...nd hard to see..i went up to da second floor..nd i saw lots of toilets..4 some reason.?? lol u pplsz shud all go! its fun lol =)
I wish they die
this pic isnt that scary but its pretty interesting
if someone knows if the theater is in the childrens or adults section please comment on my post.
I didnt know there was a theater.
is that hole filled with water or am i just stupid?
i also think that kid max is a deushbag for saying what he did
I was at the hospital today but it got dark so we didnt get to go to the childrens section I am planning another trip in the near future. but from the photos i saw of the childrens section it looks very scary.