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I was in the admin building this past Saturday while staying at a hotel next door. It's very creepy, much more beaten down and vandalized (after 10-years, it's unfortunately common) but full of amazing opportunities to take pictures. Only visited the first floor. Local police were out front when we walked around the building, but didn't pay any attention to us walking around and taking pictures. FASCINATING visit to say the least.
This is a VERY COOL shot. Real powerful...
Great use of color in this one
nice shot
The use of black and white makes this shot great. Nice job.
in the 70's i worked @ Met. State in Waltham. We did our best.
My family moved into a new house when I was 10. We all slept in the living room for 4 nights because of remodeling. Every night I would see this small figure crawl across the floor very fast,stop by the side of my mom and dad's bed,then crawl incredibly fast up the stairs.Every morning my dad would wake up and his cigarettes would be gone. I told them what I saw but they didn't beleive me, until the past owners came by to pick up something they left behind.I overheard them telling my parents why they moved. They had a 7 year old boy who had died of cancer, and the doctors had to remove his legs at the knees and one of his arms,and that they moved because the house reminded them of their son to much.
i was just at letchworth and after looking at the site i looked for certain things and never found the morgue and also i never found ne rooms with chains on the walls which buildings are these in?
Hey we need a group to go their at night that will be adventure. Iknow I will go.
i like to no more about pennhurst it interests me alot