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Sad=pills moody=pills... Never had a good experance with the mental health system. Im still where I was 21 yrs ago. Happiness isnt for everyone.
my son went to a school for kids with emotional problems . They have a seclusion room. but they call it a 'time out room '. It has a lock and timer so that the teachers can put a child in it and set the timer then go back to class. My son has been in it a couple of times last year. I was never told about it until after the fact.
imagine having to spend a night here all by yourself. That's the stuff of nightmares!
if these idiots ever saw all the children who were swimming one day and the next were in these iron lungs growing old they would not make these stupid statements thats why it was called infantile paralyses
Kim, actually, the hospital i've been to about 3 times ( Georgia Regional) was all kinds of blue, and the last time i was committed was less than a year ago.
For anyone who wants a closer look at the name: http://i113.photobucke...otherside_cp/Ann.jpg