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Those beds - we have seen them around. it IS very clever.
Thank you so much - thoroughly enjoyed all, and every picture to ponder + think. May you always be well is the daily wish+ bless you for sharing - is awesome........
Well done.
Thank you so much. This is what I love! Nature! Getting on and doing it the Nature way. Strong and determined and unstoppable.
Topple is IT! Am so glad they are together.
The windows are H U G E! Look at the door-way.....
For sure a very cool good-looking door three hinges strong and all
- no matter what tilt......
It was a very light room with all those windows. That is good.
...back in business......and to have had a railing - unbelievable -
Oh DEAR - the Lone Chair - and such a pretty one too.....
Yes..Thanks, Motts saw+wondered also, those squares....
- Are they from the 60-ties the lamps, you think, Iceberg?
Autoguy - hahahaha - yes please!
Paint puzzle
SAFE! Still up there after all these years is 10 points.
Thanks. Good shot.
Ha! YEAH! Gotta love all.....i do.