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i have been to glendale hospital once. i had a friend with me that got pretty freaked out and we ended up not going past the little run down parking lot looking thingin front of one of the buildings i wanna go back soooooo bad!
I remember having girl scout get togethers there, and I even had a birthday party there once. That place will always have a special place in my heart!!! My sister and I miss the place so much, my only wish is that it gets fixed up one day, so my kids can have wonderful memories there as well!!!
It looks like dopey... I feel rather sad now that dopey was hidden by paint from the kids and they got the creepy stuff instead
That brings back some rather bad memories. When I was a Peds othopedic case at a general hospital in West Virginia. Only diffrence was the cribs there had little notches for a lid for the more unruly peds paitents. I got the lid at one point.