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Went to glenn dale just the other day. drove by the day before entering and scoped out the security trailer. Drove by the next day before entering and the security vehicle (tan pickup truck) was parked in the same exact place. They do have a pumpkin on the front steps of the trailer so there has to be some sort of police presence there at times! We drove down electric ave to the parking lot just down the street by the pond and gained access to the place by walking around the pond and jumping the fence. There is a window that is wide open right there that will lead you right into the morgue. I literally jumped in the window and jumped directly back out of the window. However my two friends stayed in the adult facility for a little over two hours took over 500 pictures and 2 hours of digital voice recordings We haven't gone through any of the audio yet but in one of the pictures of one of the hallways you can clearly see a woman standing there with a little girl. Would love to share this photo on the site if possible. place is absolutely active with paranormal activity.
maybe a food dehydrator???
they knock out the walls for asbestos removal ack
no doubt an interesting picture... thats my fav part bout exploring.. when u get to see something and try to imagine what it was like back when it wasnt abandon... almost as if your in a forgotten world
is it so far fetched to say that back in the day when the hospital was first open that this tree was a lot smaller and not of the size and stature it is today??? perhaps it was freshly planted and administration did not want anyone disturbing the tree and to this day the fence still stands??? just figured id throw that one out there
ok there nicole.. maybe u need to get some things straight in your mind... there aint nothihg wrong with drinking some beer... its sad and all that u lost some friends to a drunk driver but does that mean beer should be outlawed??? i dont think so. people jsut need not get behind the wheel while drunk... aint nuttin with a little drinkin an explorin... and RADICAL ED IS THE MAN by the way
what u mean damn weed.... i for one LOVE the weed
i love to see industrial type things when i explore. if u ask me nothing is more exciting. u can email me lynne if u wanna chat and see some of my xplorin pics....
copper was and is also today used for plumbing and heating... today copper is somewhat getting phased out by the use of Pvc plastic piping but for heating you need copper. when copper "oxidizes"( i think i spelled that right" it does turn green but not all the way through.. under the green is still that copper finish.. technically the statue of liberty could be sanded and polsihed down and shine like a brand new penny. as for working heard to get the copper out it all depends on how u can acess it... if your in a basement where yits easily accessable ita a matter of cutting the tube and probabally getting a little messy... i honesly wouldnt wanna know what resides in a 20 year old copper pipe though.
the reason people strip the copper is becuase it canbe melted down and recycled. salvage yard will by big bucks in bulk
from my experience id say . 4-6 hours depends in the place and time if entrance. (early am or late afternoon) all factor in the equation
i think it was pipe access
cmon now silkster read the description.....the image is distorted because its not really glass. its metal or possibally plexi glass which distorts the image to "look" like a funhouse mirror
hey motts mabe u can agree or not with me on this one but in my explorations im noticing everytime i come to a bird that has fallen (died) or got stuck in a building theres never a headon it??? is it just me.... ive sen at least three headless dead birds in buildings....weird