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there are these apartments me and my olda bro know and the exit reminds me of the time whe i opened up a exit door and a whole bunch of dangerous bees were attacking me because i accidentaly broke their home good times
love the light doomkaufe'
this is amazing but looks shitty sry tom
So umm yeah who wants to slide down with me
was it that fun playing with a fire extugisher (spelled it wrong)
Yeah i looked at this one before. You know that looks pretty awesome
Dude Motts i love this shot
Suns going down
AWESOME is that you tom?
Physco paths...i tell you what. violence is no way to end something but in my world it is the way
Did you finish going through that room Motts?
EWWW Looks like blood
And where everything ends. No More TOM KIRSCH (AKA: MOTTS) just a long memory that we all have to remember. MR. MOTTS died two years ago in a asylum somewhere in Germany. One of the ceilings fell down on him and he didn't end up making it through. His friends tried helping but they got hurt to...fell through the floor. MOTTS won't be able to remember any of this unless if his ghostly body is haunting the place right now. WE ALL LOVE MR. MOTTS but it's a sad ending. The good fun times and sad sad times. Now it's time to go and say goodbye to our lovley friend TOM KIRSCH. AHHHH I GOT YA! HE DIDN"T DIE I WAS LYING..... WHAT A PRANK. I OVE YOU MOTTS
Do you love these kinds of places? So you do do this for money right? If your not your wasting your time
Theres a killer around....probably IT. lol