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Fantastic , was getting worried , hadn't seen any new posts for a while.
Great to see you back Motts.
And that Danny was your boyfriend when you was there?
So many memories....
It is nice that we have a place to share our thoughts and meet people who was there.
All of us have that special bond that only we can relate too.
I remember you and I am thankful that most of us came out of that place better people then those who worked there.
Michelle, one of the boys in the 2nd room by the bathroom was me.
Like I said I only remember Mike, Anthony and Danny was in the 1st boys room.
I must know Patrick as he was in the same room as me.
Hey Patrick remember me, the red headed kid who was dating Kim C. Had pictures of Pac man and Mrs.Pac man on the wall?
Good to see that you have turned that experience into something positive instead of a negative.
I went there yesterday and not too much supernatural stuff happened but these two things did occur. It sounded as if someoneonr was talking to themself but the words were muffled and unclear and none of my friends knew where it was coming from and we were all freaked out. And at one point there was a loud screeching sound but that was it. I heard a story from my friend though that he walked into a room, a homeless man pulled put a gun, pointed it at him and said "get the fuck out now". So yeah there are homeless bitches in that shit. Mad creepy but i suggest going there its very interesting
I remember Danny from Ward D, he had curly hair and wicked feet. That's about all I remember of him.
Why do you so often use pseudonym's instead of the actual location? Is it to protect something? I often wonder looking thru your photos which are truly wonderful.

there is just something so elegant about the old machinery, that is just lacking with the new

I work for a company that provides control/safety equipment to large industrial sites, I enjoy going into the old plants, you can almost feel the history as you walk through

that part was cast at the homestead mill, outside pittsburgh, to be put in in the bethelehem mill...

Well now I guess Quaker Oats will not be brought into this house anymore just as Kellogs products are banned from here.
Great a new old facility, glad you are back and I hope all is well.
Cool loking buildings , too bad the Soviet era decorators have had their way with parts of it.