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*if we were caught trespassing we would be fined and have to do community service hours
i got to a few weeks ago around 2 in the morning. we parked in one of the neighborhoods and had no trouble entering besides having to crawl under the fence and climbing through the window. we ended up walking around the first three floors and some of the basement. when we were passing some of the hallways, we had to turn the flash lights off because the park police trailers were visible but didn't see anything in particular than graffiti and broken tiles . when we left and got into our car, about 20 seconds a park police car pulled up next to us and held us up for 2 hours and questioned us but he ended up just letting us go with a warning because he couldn't prove that we were up there and told us that we would be fined and have to do community service hours
You feel the difference because its the temperature of the people who died in the tub vs the real temperature. patients were sometime drowned during "therapy". so it is their souls that make the tub so cold.
I know the entire story behind Pilgrim. Pretty much if they haven't written it on paper to the press i know what happened. i do hope everyone looking at these pictures knows that Pilgrim has to this day the highest death rate of patients. The director of Pilgrim was killing random patients. They would preform "treatments" on the patients til they died. It was extremely grusome. The Halocoust has nothing on what happened at Pilgrim. Death was occuring so fast that the same people sat in the morgue because it was to much work to keep changing out the bodies everyday. There is a cemotary at Pilgrim and then there is "the site" where all the bodies were put. I really hope no one thinks i am making this up, because my greatgrandfather (who is still alive) was the head contractor/election of Pilgrim,(he watched out for the plant and the building) the director ordered him to not built certain places because that was seperate ground. The director also told my greatgrandfather what he was doing to patients, but never why.