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some veiw, that would be ratrher depressing
this is my fave gallery!!!!
I liked the coloring. wat did you use?
no one has anything to say?...... I like it, it's really cool
looks like a chain saw
I agree, Tom.
my favorite pic. You'd never think this is a hospital
what wonderful architecture!! it looks more like a mansion. I love your work, Motts
I agree, you ROCK!!
I love these doors also, probably because I watch E.R. all the time
You should be more known than you are, you take breathtaking photos. I agree with UE
I thought you said IR made the sky dark? or was the sky gray or something?
it reminds me of the hospital: dead and forgotten, must stunningly, hauntingly beautiful
I love all your IR shots, that makes things soo muchs different
hmm..... not a single comment from Weebs or Lynne or Sketch or anyone. oh, well, I like it, Motts