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I worked at Ladd School in the 1970s. This chair was usually used for patients that had severe Cerebral Palsy. There were a lot of patients that did and those that did usually had other medical complications. It was designed to keep the patient from falling out due to the lack of muscle coordination.
trust me is was a pan. at this place it was hell we were treated like lap rats and the place is haunted
I randomly came across this site while looking for haunted places in NY, haunted or not, the photos caught my interest. Even more so, the stories and comments left me wanting to know more about this Historical tragedy. I am presuming from the recent comments that is has not been torn down yet? I believe i read that restoration costs in 1991 would have exceeded $15 million? Does anyone have information on who owns the property and whats preventing a personal investor from the restoration? I am one of the fortunate Western New Yorkers that has natural gas under my land, and this would be a great investment property and a pleasure to restore. Please feel free to contact in regards.
the hospital is heavily guarded by police how
did you get in
Actually wait I was talking about the Dever school my bad.
Wow, I remember entering the place back in 2003 and I think it was approximately a year after they shut it down.

On the main picture of the building I entered it with two of my friends on the left side. Our original intent was the go up the stairs but my friend had mentioned a series of tunnels that lead to the infirmatory (sp?) . We were in there for a good hour or so but ended up leaving because it was cold and raining that night and none the less we were getting freaked out.
Sian , Josh is partly right. I have seen some things wrien on here that was less then light hearted. I only cried when I felt alone. Walk a mile in my shoes as the saying goes! you all can email with ?
Hey look! It's the Steel Battalion controller! (it's a video game joke for those that don't get it. It's agame requreing a large special controller to control a giant robot)
Hey thanks nickazu_nickers
Thay interviewed me in another hallway. I wasn't near the lungs. The only part I was near them was at the beginning.
Sad too like loosing something you grew up with.
I have CMD

This is a site that has a blurb about it.
Well not that long lol, but it was fun to try anyway.
there are meny sites if you google "iron Lung" you'll find it. You can ask me any question you like. heck email me if you want.
Polio was the first use for the iron lung, but these were used for guys with md
I know a fun thing to do because I used to do it. I would try to make a full sentance while it would blow out before it sucked in. You can't talk well once it does and sometimes not at all.