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If there were people down there you are going to get the same thing as with people anywhere : crime, sickness, emergencies, silent treatment, hunger, freaking-out, etc.
ain't got no headphones,
ain't got no speakers,
ain't got no records to play.
Like fire extinguishers : get one and hope you never have to use it.
They are cool, though.
Towards the end of the war, they were recruiting children, women, and elderly men.
Someone hid hundreds of thousands of marks at the bottom of that, Then they died.
I always remember a poster someone had up from wwll in the lab I worked in on my 1st job as a teenager. It depicted a clenched fist wearing a swastika ring and holding a maltese cross on a ribbon.
funny the word for "smokeless" (as in gunpowder) is: "rauchless "
learned that a long time ago buying carts for shotguns.