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i love this hosptial .once i found out about the hospital was in love with it doing as much reaerch bout glenn dale as i could. i sware i might be 13 but i want to get like medical records nd paients names and stuff im so in love with this hosptial my mom has to drag me away from tha computer when im reserching the GLENN DALE HOSPTIAL!!!
my dad is a prince goregeous county police. he got called to go da hosptial. so him nd 4 other po-po's wnet there. they were going to use 1 flash light until it ran out nad da same thing for da other 3 . so they arrive nd go in da main hosptial first then the adult the chldren the both of the morgues. so mi dad nd friends are walking around nd ther in the mourge my dad opens one of the coffins nd than god it was empty or he would of peed his pants!! [[ha,ha,ha]] the there in the adult hosptial nd all the flashlights are blwon so they through 1 of the light bulbs down the hall and u know when u step on glass it makes a crunching noise well they heard that nd nobody was there. now thats freaky.

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i want to know experinces nd stories bout that place im going to write a book if i get enough e-mails