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hey guys sits me again. i went to the hospital myself i felt so at home there i love the feeling. you see im a lil special i can awalk around on the grounds of the hospital because my dads a cop. i got the hook up. we were there and i saaw ghosts and we heard all types of noises. i saw the court yard and everything talk about cool experinces. that hospital is amazing and very importan. if you think of all the people who died there it really makes you think. im in love with this hosppital and i would love to live there in the after ife lollz. everybody has diffrent oppoins i love this hospital.

send me an e-mail i wanna hear your experiences: erin.silvers@yahoo.com
i wish people would stop badtalking the glenn dale hosptial its a wonderfull land mark and that would be coll if they renivated the hospital and fixed it up and made it a musem now that would be cool. if u have any tales about the glenn dale hosptial e-mail me

erin.silvers@yahoo.com with ur name and date and story i might write a book if i get enough e-mails