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I heard that these pots are like, extremely clean and it's eerie.
My friends and I were in there last night and we saw quite a few wheel chairs. They were in the tunnels, at least 3, and we saw one out of a random door leading outside. It was just sitting in the rain.
Is this a picture of the famous "room of blood" I hear so much about? I grew up in the area, and Paul Dever is about 5 mins away from my house. I went in there for the first time yesterday, searching for the Morgue and the "room of blood" we all have heard of.
i don't know if this is true or not but weren't the patients here tourtured? i only know a little bit about this place from my friend and she mentioned something about that.
All of these pictures just captivate sadness, l don't know why, well, I suppose I do know why, but I mean, it's almost as if you can feel the suffer and neglect radiating off of the pictures. You take amazing pictures!!! I've always been really into Institutions, and places like this. Bravo, that's all I have to say. These are just really amazing.