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It looks like an opossum, it died there and decayed, its hair fell out during the process. Quite interesting, if a touch morbid. ;-)
It looks like the stone box will fall off at any time... VERTIGO ALERT :D
I have in mind what Lola asks too... how? Because I really wanna do what you do...

However, I am part of a Police Force so maybe not a good idea ;)
Chewing gum :) yummy
Oh whaaat??!
The flowers are still there!!!

Because that's not even remotely strange...
Amityville Horror much?
G has green eyes right now... I am so jealous!! Wish we had beatuiful buildings like that round here... We have Denbigh Mental though... your album of the hospital is amazing...
Amazing... it's like a nightmare.
Ephemera: Bannerman's Island Arsenal Collapses Once More


On a more serious note, It is very sad to see.
Look at the 2 full bodied apparitions behind the greenery close to building. They look like they are wearing uniforms, worked there it seems.
Many faces I see.
There is a n apparition sitting in the chair but not looking out the window but more towards the floor. Very sad and intense engergy is flowing from this room. Look at the black head right above the back of the chair.
If you zoom in, there are many, many people in plaie site watching you. I am not matrixing, it is amazing. What a still.
I walked those stairs tons of times. Now, many stairs and roads that we would either walk or drive through for the short cuts from San Remo (where I live) into town. Thankfully the main road that runs through it or else I would have a pain in the way to get my son to school everyday and that stupid stop sign, it has to go.
Wow, you were watched the whole time you were there. Zoom in on the upper windows.