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anyone got an address for this place?
This place is truly haunted,saw lights shadow people,heard walking,the worst was things were being thrown at us like empty beer bottles and stones and there was no way a security guard can throw a empty bottle 30 feet away and it land only once! when no one was around!

Will be heading back up there this summer!
ksnow, I have to disagree with you the scariest place on that piece of land was the Hospital up the hill which Motts didn't capture.

We found a human brain in a jar with a picture of a women in the jar!
Yes Devers,been there numerous times alone and with friends,it's definitely haunted no question.I have taken full body apperation pictures heard screams,walking around orbs you name it.
The cop told me I wasnt welcome to hanson anymore after I went there. He was going to arrest me but thankgod for military ID's ;)

This was a couple years back though
It almost seems like a waiting room for the infermery. Its creepy thogh.u can just imagine the energy there.
There is several of these origional light poles still in the area.Its really pretty cool.
Worcester used to be an awsome place to live, raise kid's, and live life. It had a little bit of everything. Weather it be ethnic or simmilarityies to ther citys. Now its only buildings like these or Bacroft tower that hold the history and memories. At leats for me. Ive had freinds killed and gotton into stupid spots myself, but i belive worcester is turned into a rogh little city not the wide open freindly space it used to be.
Ive been up there recently and the fire escapes seem like they keep repainting them simmilar to how they do that with school's. Im just wondering if the city still has some minor maintenece to the building.
Beautiful photography. The old stone doesnt have that wonder and luster anymore so its good to see how the building is begining to really fade out.
Im only 18, but since i was 12 years old ive been looking at lonline research here and there, about the patients and the construction os the builsing. I found that the round structure in this picture was a food storage facility.