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i was chased thru the woods along electric avenue by dogs but i saw 'em get out of these black ford broncos so i don't think they were ghost dogs
i drove by glen dale last night to see if the buildings were still there and they are as creepy as ever. i often went to glen dale from '87-'89 and I'm sad to say i'm responsible for some of the destruction but at sixteen it was fun to smash windows! I heard all the rumors of it being an insane asylum, 'halloween' type stories of someone going crazy and murdering everyone, weird 'x-files' type disease outbreaks, and the tb story. but honestly, in the state that the hospital was left in, it was very easy to believe the more outrageous stories. We would find wheelchairs, boxes of medical gloves, hypodermic needles, stethoscopes, etc.. The older kids claimed to have found straitjackets but I never saw one. anyway, it was left as if something really fucked up happened, and at the time it was seized US property and not county property and was a federal offence if you were caught and not a county offence, contributing more to my 'x-files' type conspiracy. I never saw anything 'supernatural' but there was always creepy things happening. we would often find satanic graffit and mutilated cats and dogs. we would find blood stains in the morgues, and i found a bloody, fleshy crutch once but i always attributed them to satanic or wannabe satanic pranksters. I'm so glad this site is here. the visits to Glen dale are imprinted in my memories but seeing these pictures is really something else.