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A. Mom,

True, isolation from those who care the most is a manifestation of the illness. I was married to a Bi-Polar, and know all too well. Imagine the Motts of the future taking shots of our current facilities. Will the future Motts be similarly appalled by our current lack of knowledge concerning mental illness? Do you think locking the mentally ill, and homeless into an institution would make them any happier? Warmer and fuller perhaps, but happier? I would have loved to cram lithium and prozac into my ex but that's obviously not what she wanted. After 7 years of near homelessness It seems she may be on an upswing, I bid her the best but until she accepts the medicine herself there is nothing anyone can do.
"people actually live here.....shows you what state our country is in"

Until you have lived with a person who is mentally ill I'm not certain you can grasp the dispair that those closely related feel, this is because the "patient " will have no ones help. Be it addiction or psychological, the reason doesn't matter. What does matter is that people who end up living in a place like this generally do it to themselves due to an unwillingness to accept help. It has absolutely nothing to do with the country you live in.