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given the choice between death and more than a year in one of these id choose death
I used to go to Glenn Dale Hospital frequently in the late 80's. I now work next to this location and I drive through the complex everyday. The police use this facility to train their K9s all the time. back when I used to go there the security would never think about going in there. Now that the police use it so frequently I'm sure they know the floor plan by now. As far as excaping from them in the tunnels you can forget it , they are flooded. I miss the old days. One night the police surrounded the main building with at least 35 cop cars from many jurisdictions of law. We only realized we may have a problem once they called in a helicopter. This no bullshit, they wwere for real this night . We got away thanks to the tunnels,and waited on top of the childrens hospital in hte elevator motor rooms. Today it's alot more risky and I know the police use night vision. Beware.
yep, pretty much, i actually collect and restore the old ceiling fans, and i dont do it for resale. I just like taking something that is 80 or more years old, that is gummed up, not running, and needing repair, and make it look brand new or better than brand new.

For me, it's kind of a service to the people who originally manufactured the fans, who are no longer living, i mean, what is 2 hours out of my time to clean, oil, & polish? and then get to enjoy some sweet breezes from something that is 8 times older than myself? Sure, i might have too many, but look at those people who collect those baseball cards, whoopdeepoo, it's worth $500, but you cant keep cool with it. Sure it's got a pic of a dead guy, but it sits ina box and does nothing.

These things, fixed up, and kept in good condition, will probably run for 500 or more years. (old fans in general) Sure, you might have to re-insulate the windigns a few times in that time period, but, they are a huge chunk of our nation's history, and well frankly,t hey deserve our respect(the peopel who built them and the fans themselves) And if we dont preserve our history, where are we?

Just my thoughts, cool Gyro too, Brian