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Yes, Malc, I have always been frightened of them since childhood. I have seen three of them in my life (an Emerson in storage at a local hospital in the 1960's when I was just a few years old and I also saw two Drinker models in use at a VA hospital in the late 1970's).
wow, that would be a tragic thing to find yourself under. anyone up for barbeque?
what a wonderful gallery Motts. Have i ever mentioned how much i love your work? i live close to here, and it is a well known place in my family... sad to see all of these magnificant places left to ruin... i suppose it will all be like that one day, will it not?
awesome Mr. Motts!
what, no wallpaper?
Paiging coco
This is by far the coolest website I have ever visited. This would be the greatest hobby in the world. Too bad I am still only in Highschool.
Makes me think of Van Gogh
hitler was very big on odd medical experiments like trying to sew people together to make siamese twins actually thinking it would work.he was into the world of shall we say PT barnum oddities.he felt strongly on twins siamese monozygotic and dizygotic and the powers of twins having a bond.makes you wonder how much of that was going on at this place as well as aktion T4.was josef mengele was a resident know the angel of death hitlers prized whackjob that torutured and mutilated many in the name of science.
too bad you didnt get some of the labels i could have my grandma translate it she is 100% full german immigrant
the toxic avenger is in the barrel
histologische befunde = histological conditions....patient histories
this is all about how eye and brain abnormalities and injuries can affect the nuerologicals of the brain and eyes from pressures (tumors bulges and cyst`s etc) from what my grandmother can make out.
that water is part of the gennesee aqueduct and the erie is much more flooded than in recent years and the catwalk is falling apart even more.i was there this past fall/winter.there has been talk of either filling the whole thing in with dirt or making it an ever changing exhibit for urban the 1930s it started dying down in use with only limited runs till the 1950`s then only small freight lines until the late 1990`s for gannet newspaper its mostly inhabited by rochesters homeless also known as mole people so its not the safest place come dusk.some of the original tunnel was filled in with dirt already i think around 2004.this link has many pics of what the aqueduct looked like and much more http://www.oprhp.state...w.asp?GroupView=4164 this is deff a great spot for urbex but no known paranormals as far as i have heard.
Theodore Roosevelt meets John Lennon