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ive been to glenn dale with a bunch of freinds numerous times. and i have a couple different stories wich are very weird. the first time i ever went there was around 2 am in the fall and it was very dark there was no moon out. i was with my girlfreind and 2 freinds. it was about 65 degrees outside so it was roughly warm, we are walking up to the main childrens building and as soon as we get around 50 feet of the building the air got very cold, and we could actually take a step back, feel warm air, then take a step forward and feel a silent cold coming from the building. that night we walked around the childrens hospital and the mansion and thought we heard things, but i think it was because we were paranoid. so we left.... then we came back about a week later with the same 4 people plus another four. one of which was a man who had been to glenndale in the 80s when it was first shut down. the advice he gave us before we convinced him to come was this "When you go to the basement make shure your flashlights are off" i was confused and asked why, he said"you dont want whoever is down there to know your comming" hearing this i was pretty shook, so i gathered a larger group of freinds to make it less scary. anyway we were in the childrens hospital and we found a small deck which i believe stretched out across the front door facing the woods...all of a sudden 4 of the 8 hear a girl screaming help coming from the woods. it sounded distant. i myself heard a scream 3 times, the others say they heard it 4 times, anyway, we couldnt explain it so we kept touring the place and eventually covered the entire childrens sector. as soon as we exited 3 of the people we were with said they heard somthing yell "HEY" from the roof of the hospital including my girlfreind. we then walked towards the smokestack, and we were walking past the 2 small buildings on the right and we all heard a very loud crashing noise come from the first one, it sounded like the roof was caving in. i dont know what to make of that building but we avoided it. we went to the smokestack and walked back to our cars thru the feild when we stumbled apon a manhole covered in grass which we tried to open to get to the underground tunnels, but it wouldnt budge, then the veteran of the hospital said he could see a red dot coming from the childrens hospital, he pointed it out to us and we were watching this dot for about 10 seconds until it dissappeared, that freaked us out so we decided to get the hell out of there and upon exiting we stumbled apon a graveyard,,,scarry. that night we actually drove my freinds car through the grass and up to the childrens hospital,,,how much dumber could we get... the third time we went we went to the main hospital and we got to the 2nd basement looking for the morgues, and it was completly filled with water up to my freinds calfs. he turned around because he said hed lose his shoes in the mudd. nothing weird happedned that night. then resently i went with another group of freinds. we parked across the street in the neighborhood and proceeded again to the child hospital once we left there me and another freind hear a weird laugh sounding like it came from the little courtyard of the child sector, we ignored it. we proceded to the smokestack. right when we got close to the stack all of us heard a little girl make a moaning noise,,,there was no wind,, nothing out there but us...we were definantly spooked....wait it gets better... we walk around the smoke stack and we saw a light coming fromt the other side of the building, the first thing i think is,,,COPS, we run towards the car full speed and we could see the spotlight coming out from the building and towards us,,,we run all the way till we can see our cars and low and behold, i see a cop car parked behind my car. we all gather underneath one of the huge pinetrees and watch the cop, who apparently we find out was watching us with his night vision binoculars. we hid out for about a half hour and 2 times we heard a walkie talkie on the other side of our tree. we could also see the searchlights searching everywhere across the feild except our little nitch. then a park police rolls up and catches us hiding. so after all we got to go to court and do community service and pay a 600 dollar fine...great huh, we totally could have gotten away if our cars were not parked visibly from the road...goodluck and park far.