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Anybody still on this website?
Michelle is right!
Was there this past weekend didn't see any security , i have only been there twice and someone tell me more about it ive been researching a lot and learning about the prison camp but i wanna go again does anybody else still go?
Thats just a broken light fixture
looks like there's a monster looking out the porthole
where is this place I wanna go there and this looks a lot like a giant turttle head
i believe fireman1374 is right
lol weed
looks like it was built really soild, i cant see this place crumbling for a long time.
time machine? amazing shot.
looks like it owuld have been really nice in its hay day
that trail is geekin me out. it doesnt look like an animal made it, you know? you'd think there be foot prints if it was an animal....
that door looks really small. or are there just high ceilings?
Ephemera: Cemetery Safari: Funerary Art at Greenmount
WOW. this is amazing. some of the pictures of those statues would make some excellent covers for a death metal album.