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I know this isn't the spot to post this but I'm new and have no idea where to post this. Anyone have any pics of Rolling hills ayslum? I seen it on ghost hunters <yes it has ghosts>. Not sure of the location but they said 1,000 some odd people died there. Just thought I'd ask.
who let the dogs out ?!?!?!! or should I say tree.
If you wheren't crazy before the nazi shower you probley where after. That must have been some pedophiles dream come true.
let's all sing ymca.........
at least they won't have to take them far when they get caught.
I didn't do it! I want my lawyer!
Here kitty kitty. Opps bad muffin, no more drawers for you.
I wonder where these people are now.
and to think I thought I'd never see home again .
<sniff sniff>
Now smile Mrs. Smith the person to the far left wants a good picture.
I would love to turn one of those trays into a coffee table. Can you picture the convo, please hand me a slice of pizza, did you know this table came from the morgue.
It looks like it was used for sitz baths. They have those in the ob wards of hospitals.