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just for the sake of argument,
in response to your 8 words: it wouldnt make a difference i I did
"personal responsability" taken by ones self not cast by others
"wow"-thats what I thought!
Sure thing-you too ;)
well nvus arent you awesome. because you have managed to live a life unscathed you think you have the rights to pass judgment on situations you dont necessarily understand. you are entitled to your opinion as much as the next person but the truth of life is that NOTHING Is BLACK AND WHITE/good or evil. The point I was making was that circumstances vary and yes many crimes arent mistakes. some were put on that path due to child abuse, mental health, lack of proper education and opportunities creating socioeconomic cesspool of crime and violence. Yes let blame the animals for acting as such when left to languish instead of addressing the lack of proper care for the mentally ill and the like. Just cause they did not come from where you did you can stand on your high horse. You are part of the problem. You will fill the jails but create more of the person you claim to so detest with you ignorance toward a solution...
larry d took the cake
she can use the publicity these days
some mean judgemental people out there! just remember accidents happen an everyone makes mistakes, including juries and law makers...
what do they want autoguy??
*hides from autoguy*