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I would say the blue thing on the floor is an old kaleidoscope.
Now that's a chilling photo. The chairs move when nobody is looking. OOOOoooooOOOOooooOO
another haunting pic.. .. I wonder, have you ever come across "unexplained images" in your pics ? If so, have you ever thought of posting them up ?
All great pics. amazing
Ephemera: Royal Land
Wow thats an excellent photo ! Creepy to say the least. LOL
I pass by this ship graveyard all the time. Always wondering if there is a way to see these boats up close. During the winter season when there are no leaves on the trees you can really see some of these boats from the road(about 100-200 ft away). There is also a very old Cemetary nearby dating back to 1700's that adds to "spookiness" that everyone feels when looking at these pictures. Many THANKS to MOTTS and FB JIM for the great pics and Information ! You guys make a great team.
Sean - Please count me in if you get permission. My aunt died there in 1944 at the young age of 18. I'd love a chance to photograph anything I could without getting busted. I'm in Bowie. Please email me @ Thank you! AL
Think I`ll go change my shorts now.............
pure art
how could anyone work thier way through that minefield?
it`s a shame the graffiti ruined what could have been a perfect shot
Check the back wall!
The stain!
I see a head, tilted to the right.
Small man coming from the head with a finger raised to the adjacent wall!
Zone in closer to the right and left. more faces visible. Distorted though spooky.
I just finished checking this site out, im from canada and 24, i worked in a mental hospital up here and i can tell you that records are sometimes conveniently left behind when the hospital closes so the elements will eventually destrooy them rather than people which is against the law, alot of abandoned hospitals are patrolled by security and more so if some things are left behind, if anyone has any questions contact me at
if you look long enough at the doorway at the end of the hall, youd almost expect a forgotten patient to look out at you.
sell them