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This is SO emo.
I think this Deb person is a bot or a troll.

This is an absolutely fascinating gallery. I've never seen anything like this place.

I think hh is on to something.
But how did the lung keep functioning if the pressure was breached by hands?
I'd love to know more about this place. I wonder what the purpose of this was...
Nice one Micky creative and original. Save the mental patients, sterilize the vandals, I say.
Anyone else notice that its sort of shaped like a person (legs to the right)? Then again, it's also shaped like a marshmallow Peeps bunny, so I don't know.
There's a dragon peeking at you from the corner there...and nice burn, "Notorious B.I.G"
Scarlett77 that was hilarious! See some "parts" painted on the GYN exam room wall and think "Yeah, thanks, I know what I'm looking at already."
I am glad to see so much sense here, but the intermingling profound stupidity gives this site a bitter taste at times. Motts does excellent work!
^ Girl no one's going to give you the time of day until you learn how to spell "suicides". 9_9
Looks like someone's dreads are dangling off that tray...
I saw this photo and my face just went


So sad.
Total Recall...