Comments Posted by Tim Caplan

I'm assuming this is a patient's room. Why are the wires to the electrical outlets not behind the wall? It would be so easy to tear the wire free and commit suicide.
I like how the one thing in the room that remained new and forever young was the door handle. The very item that lead people to either their nightmares or dreams have remained pristine while the structure, something that shelters life from the elements, dies a slow death.

[/sappy observation :-P]
Thank's Logan.

Do you think they're going to sell the motors? I mean, those are vintage, and I can't see any damage with them just sitting there.

Varoom :D
I would like to thank you for these wonderful images. I am fascinated with the architecture involved with these majestic buildings. I frequnted for the longest time, but due to the lack of updates, I found your site.

Keep up the good work.