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One of the things that make this site so amazing is that Motts is not a sellout. I understand that trying to make a ton of money off the opacity experience would cheapen and ruin it. I can’t stand ghost hunting shows and pimping the urbex thrill would just be wrong. Every time I visit this site I keep thinking I want more. As much as the pictures make me feel like I’m right there they leave me wanting to go deeper. I guess that’s part of the genius of this site “leave em wanting more” is the philosophy entertainers live by. I’m just brain storming here but I think some kind of virtual tour of these places would be amazing. I hate 3D but if I could see these places on an IMAX screen in 3D I would happily suffer through all the headaches and sore neck muscles that crap technology causes. I’m picturing Motts and James Cameron doing a series of documentaries that win every award possible but I’m afraid that also falls into the selling out, cheapening & ruining trap. I’m guessing here but Motts would probably say if you like it so much go do it yourself. I have been scoping out a few local spots and I have no fear of personal injury or any of the physical dangers and I certainly have no fear of ghosts. My fear is of jail, having spent time there I know it’s scarier than all the broken legs and ghosts put together. Felony trespass is no joke and a certain judge told me he would lock me up for as long as possible if he ever saw me again. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I am completely hooked and I don’t really know what to do about it. Any suggestions?
Motts I found this site three days ago and I have been glued to it ever since. I simply cannot state how impressed I am. I’ve studied the pictures and read the comments. I have not been able to pull myself away long enough to check out the forum so this may have already been covered but I have to say you say that this is not your career… well it should be! I would pay to be a member of this site. I would pay to go with you on a site visit. I would buy your books. I’ve read in the comments that you are drummer. You sir are already a rock star in my mind. This is my first comment so I just want to express how amazed I am with every aspect of this site…the layout, the comments, and not to mention the pictures!!! Thank you for the new gallery and thank for the amazing overall experience!!!