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Lemon meringue.
Byzantium. Mosaic. Stunning. One, among many, that actually made me gasp.
I remember taking the train past the castle the day after one side collapsed. I was so shocked! Half of the wall pictured here is completely gone. But there's a great conservation effort underway, and Bannerman's is now open for tours. Check out for more info!
@ Little Nell - - I too see the "cat" under the chair before I read your looks kinda scared to be hiding under that chair.
Creeeeeepy, but very beautiful! If I had to stay in that place one night all by myself, I'd totally lose my mind! Great photography. Love it!
i was born with congenital defects and spent much of my childhood in these types of hospitals (designed for adults) In the early seventies visiting hours meant no parents as well. The nurses with the white uniforms and starched hats, and frequent lack of compassion-the metal beds and cold floors....bring back memories of isolation but also triumph as i am still here...and the buildings have crumbled.
its scary yet interesting to learn the past of this place but i think its sad that they are going to turn it into a place so people could be entertained by the horrifing looks of it i bet there are still spirits of those patients that were torchered there and just want to rest in peace i dont think they want to be disturbed by all the comotion and photo taking there will be once people enter what will be soon called pennhurst institution of fear
i'd like to know how to get inside,this place is great!
I believe in ghosts but i think that the people that were there are still there. My dad once went there but the police got there before he could see anything. I think kids who think they are better than everyone else,like the people who did the graffiti , should encounter the ghosts that are there and LEARN THEIR LESSON!!!
Beautiful building, I did not know that there was plans to demolish it early this year but was cancelled because it's on the Historic Registry.
If you are going to keep it around it need to be cleaned but they don't want to which makes no sense. Detroit has enough delabitated buildings and this as time goes by will just get worse, implode it.
These long corridor shots are just plain spooky looking.
Nice sliding door cabinets.
wtf happened?
aww poor bird!!tell me u buried it in a good place! R.I.P poor birdy T^T
I am so thrilled you decided photograph this historic landmark that I have lived near my whole life. Driving by these buildings on a daily basis, I've always wondered what the conditions were inside. And what better way to view the interior than by your awesome angles and lighting!! They have actually started the demolition today. This is a great tribute to a plant that this city was built upon. Too bad you couldn't have visited the Uniroyal plant that was the next town over before that was demolished. Alot of history went away with that as well. Thanks again!!!