Comments Posted by Susie

This photo is so scary to me. I remember going there as a little girl (my father worked there) and waiting in the car while he ran into the office to get things he forgot, etc. It's really disturbing to see the inside. I am so thankful that it is closed. My dad still refers to his clients there as the brothers and sisters.
Hello Tom, I have been using this site as a source for a small project. It has been very helpful to opening my eyes about iron lungs and such. In order to give you proper credit for this website, I need a first and last name which I cannot seem to find. Can you please comment back as soon as possible. Thank you
Ah, it's so wonderful to see such wonderful artistic talent in the world of photography. This photo is the perfect marriage between architecture and ,you could almost say, abstractness. I wish more people could see the world through this most astonishing point of view!