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Definitely boobs!
Motts, were the windows on the curved portion of this room also curved? The actual panes of glass? Just curious. This building is outstanding, great pics!
Sweet pic Motts.
This Larry character is something else. Many terrible things happened in these places, no one is disputing that, but dont go ruining the experience this site is supposed to bring people because you have personal pain over things that took place here. Theres places to argue over this stuff, and in my opinion it isn't here. If seeing this place hurts so bad that you have to hate on people, then dont come here. Its that easy.... Larry.
Like The Non, this is my first post on your site Motts. Unlike The Non, I have been enjoying this site for nearly 3 years now. Your photos are incredible, and they make the long neglected structures that many would call "ugly" look absolutely beautiful. I think its outstanding that you have immortilized so many of these "forgotten" places. The architecture and design of many of these places will never be seen again, for obvious reasons regarding many of the institutions. Society has slowly realized that people with a mental illness or developmental disability are still people, and don't deserve to be packed into these institutions because it's convenient. It's appauling to hear the accounts of neglect and abuse that have come to light over the years. Whats more upsetting are the countless incidents that no one ever knew of. Imagine the atrocities these buildings could tell us if they could speak..... Great pictures Motts, I'd like to think some of them would tell good stories too.