Comments Posted by Sandi

I still have a memento of this park from over 30 years ago. It is a little plate with a string hanger and it deplicts this house on it, I ALWAYS wanted to have my birthday party here! I love these photos and thank you for them, I now live in California and have sooo many wonderful memories of visits here!!!
Who is the person by the door (getting ready to go in?). I recently was told about this place by my son (appears the kids look at Glenn Dale as a Haunted Place to encounter). So I started doing internet searches to see what I can find. Again the question I'm sure you have been asked quite a bit (How did you manage to get on the grounds in the daylight without being caught?) Do you work for or affiliated with Maryland National Capitol Park / Planning? or the Development Firm that is handling the Glenn Dale Golf Course (turning into Residential Homes?) Just curious since the rumors are very high in police survelience and sorts.