Comments Posted by Samm

You think people painted rooms colors like this to be jerks? i think whoever designed this place also did the inside of my local favorite mexican restaurant....mmmm TACOS.
Theres one other picture i seen of a dead somthing....i believe its a possum so youll have to try and find it ;)
Man I would have carried that chair with me taking would look sweet in my living room!!!
Maybe if they would have used more than four globs of glue per tile the ceiling might have stayed up....but what do i know? :)
Im not sure i understand the whole tiny light down below.....the big one seems like it would have overpowered the smaller one anyways.....hmph....
I can make out the work F*ck....And its not the word hello im seeing im reading the word Bello....with other letters i cant make out in front of it... and I AY JAX???? anyways im tryin my hardest to read the door lol