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A good half of them likely didn't have a clue what was actually there.
Eewww, more ugly green paint.
The darkness in the room makes the paint look horrible.
Green and orange?! Ewww.
I wonder if the paint was peeling like that when the place was last used.
ghostly-looking already.
-even if it's old fluorescents with a horrible ugly glare, in this case. The pre-fluorescent lights had a much more pleasant glow to them.
It looks like it could just as well say "interrogation" as "interview"
high enough ceiling? Dunno about mystery spots, but there are plenty of gravity hills.
Sad that the building itself had come to the end of the line.
Deemed useless, too old to save, and left abandoned, a lonely victim of neglect waits out her last days.
every architectural nook and crevice waits, fades, doomed to perish with the room in the dusk of memory.
Eventually, even the heavy security metal dies.
reducing everything to the lowest, cheapest common denominator relegates it all to cookie-cutter ugliness. Goodbye to the formal, lasting architecture that meant so much.