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Ephemera: Red Velvet Paradise
Janaya, the photographer's information is listed elsewhere on this site. His UrbEx handle is "Motts" but his name is Tom Kirsch. I am sure if you contact him through the links provided, he can assist you with information for your thesis. He does not provide locations or directions to these places he photographs, but his exceptional work is copyrighted.

Hope this helps... and Motts, this is a gorgeous place. Awesome that it will be preserved.
Ephemera: Cemetery Safari: Funerary Art at Greenmount
These are absolutely gorgeous. I love cemeteries. I also love your work, Motts. So the combination just makes my day!
Thanks again for the gallery, just in time for my birthday. You are a master of your hobby, Mr. Motts, and I am very appreciative of your contributions to this art.
Ahhh, I love this shot. It's just so... light-hearted. The silly, tipsy chair balanced precariously, and so out-of-place, in the brightly lit room, beside the crumbling, blue hallway!
What, no *SALE* stickers for the crappers?
I'm agreeing with Toot. I would not have wanted to shower here.
Mylanta green is bad enough... THIS is baby-poop green. Blech!
A wooden fire door... what?
I LOVE this picture!
I don't know about you, Mama, but since I started being addicted to Opacity (it's been about 2 years now), whenever I see a place like that at the mall or in a hospital, I can't help but picture in my head what it's going to look like in 20, 40 or 50 years, after the facility has been abandoned and time has worked its ravages on the building.... I seem to see the future of man's works everywhere I look. Office complexes, medical facilities... all of them will some day fall prey to either the elements or the wrecking ball.
I bet that's water damage, Mama.

I envy whoever that is back there! He gets to go urb-exing with the Master!
I can just see in my mind how the hardwood floors once gleamed with a deep, mellow glow brought about with regular, careful waxing and maintenance.
Agree with Megan.


Why is it on the molding though? Even if it was a partial phrase, BUT & AND don't go together... Cryptic!
Hospital zone requires quiet. Sugar is dangerous for its ability to get the patients wound up and hyper.

Sugar = Dangerous to Hospital Zone Quietness.

I don't want 50 cents. I want to go exploring with Motts. LOL!
It DOES look like the vent up-chucked!