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i from charles county born and rasied!!! and the story ima about 2tell is all true i put it on everything i love !!! iight first off ive never heard about this place till i was about 20 ive heard about cry baby bridge and the rest of the places but not this 1 ! so when i heard about it i was iight lets go check it out cuz im down 4 what ever im crazy like the....anyway me and 7ppl drove there about a week later cuz i was tryna get em 2 got but they were like naw man im scared and all that so i called em all punks and the whole name callin thing u kno then they were like iight lets do it....this leads up 2 to story trust me im goin in2 the whole story !!! so like i said a week later after i was told about it we went, its was about 1-2am dark as can be, first we went 2 wal-mart 2 get flash lites...we got them LED police lites and exrta batt. case anything happen, anyway as we pullin up all u can see in the distent is the smoke stacks man talk about a scarry look 2 it, then we drive past the place 2 scope it out !! we see the gard office 2 the left and was like damn we gonna get caught and sum more so we drive up 2 the electric place or i guess it was called electric ave. and turn back around and pull in front of the main hospital where the gard office was. so we pull in2 the gard office and get out, 3 of the ppl walk in2 the office 2 see if we could walk the ground and check it out, me and the 3 others turned on our lites cuz we couldent see a thing....when we turned on the lites we seen the front doors witch looked like they were locked and it was all busted up cuz of age then u look up and see 2 windows at the top of the front doors !!!! and still the 3ppl still tryna get em 2 let us walk around.......now like i said i sware i put this on everything i love, me and the ppl that were with me outside heard a cry or a scream from the woods it was kinda faint but could be heard, then i sware i seen alil girl walk past one of the trees then she was gone !!! then my lite just my lite cut off but my other friend dident, alright then i tryed puttin in the new batt. and tryed 2 cut it on, nope that dident work, i look at the bulb and it was as black as the night, shoe, a tire what ever u can think of thats really dark black !!! then i look up and see a pair of eyes in the right window lookin at me, man i started 2 flip out...(i dont drink or smoke so that wasent the case) i was freekin the f*ck out, so i went in2 the office wit the other 3 and was flipin the gards had 2 hold me down cuz it was bad and the 3ppl were wonderin what the hell cuz they aint kno what was happenin....so all of us are now in the office talkin 2 the gards 2 still see if we could walk, they now 2 the 3 and us, they told us if we had walked the place we would have gottin a locked up and a pretty penny fine i think they said like $600-$1000 !!!! so if u plan on goin and going in dont count on it and if u go during the night u will be caught and gettin a nice fine !!!! but it was cool tho seein a place like that i wanna try goin back during the day and seein if we can walk the place but i dought it.....OH as 4 the seein eyes thing i looked back up as we were leaving and dident see em anymore but u talk about a creepy feeling goin home and tryna sleep that night !!!!