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This is a nice, not often seen angle of 93. Very cool dude.
When I toured building 93, the piles of racoon shit on the stairs were six inches deep.
Foulness unsurpassed.
Read what I posted.
They DID.
The movie is called "The 4th Dimension."
Here's the website for the film.
They did though...
Aside from the fact it's out in the open and surrounded by a ten-foot chain-link fence, the windows and doors are welded and boarded up. The tunnels are also welded shut.
Good luck.
I'm pretty sure they're the brothers of Mary, the one going by the three alias's above.
I don't see any people in the photos and I don't see any mention of the source of said photos. They could've been found on the internet or shared by a third party via scanner, email, or cd/data transfer through a share program.
After walking literally MILES of tunnels with dozens of branches and even having to descend different levels like Spiderman over asbestos-caked pipes, our guide pointed this out and told us it went up into a great newer building that had a dynamite view of the courtyard with the wooden gazebo.
This was in the first room I walked into in the first building I visited.
If I was five pounds heavier (I weigh 185) I would've never seen this.
It's upside down now, but still stuck in the window.
There were piles of raccon shit in 93 so deep you couldn't even get up the stairs.
Almost stepped on an expired cat too.
I thought it was strange how they go all the way through the wall to the other side.
I wonder why they only put the larger stones on that one small roof section?
It's a Hell of a throw to hit these small glass blocks from way up there.
Best of the set.
That's funny stuff "concerned resident".
I don't cross the Poquessing Creek by wading through it, I walk across the Roosevelt Blvd.
I don't leave suits or respirators on neighbor's lawns, I don't trespass on residential land nor litter. I've never brought a tool to Byberry and never smashed anything there. When I go home, my hands are still clean.
I've never walked on Carter Road, nor parked there or used it to gain entrance to Byberry.
How does someone walking through an enclosed building expose the neighbors to hazarous waste? One would surmise that demolition and heavy equipment bringing down improperly-abated hundred-year-old buildings would put more waste into the environment than a pair of Timberland hikers do.
You really are reaching for a reason to blame the problem on folks visiting the buildings, when you should focus on the slip-shod operations going on across the street. The Vietnamese Tyrant running the demo is cutting corners and causing problems by doing that, while houses all around Londontown are going up for sale.
The folks aren't moving due to curiosity-seekers walking through the property, it's due to the quality of life being compromised by money-grubbing practices and their pollution of the environment.
Why don't you worry more about the unskilled laborers working there as well? I'm sure you're aware that some, if not most, are illegal immigrants from South America and the fines from illegal and improper activities so far equal close to a million dollars.
You're worried about me walking around in a condemned building and all of this is going on in front of your own eyes.
Maybe you should do some research yourself, put aside your prejudice for the kids, and look at the big picture.
You'll see it's not us, but the entire operation that's compromising your health and well-being.