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I just found another poop artist on Flickr...
The peelingness of the paint is creating it's own design
...but there is another sign under that one. I wonder what it said?
Actually, it's an early attempt at a lava lamp
Looks like part of an old printing press, but that doesn't line up with the old bottles in the background. Maybe it's a hand-cranked bottle washer
It might be pretty, it might be lonely, but it doesn't look very comfortable
And next to the clock, you'll see a little outhouse (LOL) In deeping deeper into this picture, I'm stumped on those things that look like barrels
I couldn't help but notice the 'Top Rank' logo on there. I know they made records and movies, but hospital equipment???
I think it's just another explorer marking the trail, for a later group to follow. The X's might mean these rooms are more interesting.
It's hard to find in the winter. You'ld never find it in the summer. The area is highly poisoned so not worth trying. I've been there twice since my post here a year ago. Oh yes, the graffiti has completely faded away.
I've leave it too. That guy looks like he's got a tree growing out of his head (LOL)
Possibly another explorer marking their trail so they could find their way out.
Motts, your luck never fails to amaze me. What a great find!!!!
Actually, it's an anagram for 'Flat Sweaty Fly'
I'm gonna put a mid 70's dating on this machine, 'cause of the 35 cent price and the 'served in cans' inscription. 60's machines were 25 cents (or less) and dispenced you a bottle. 80's machines were 50 cents and more colorful.