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I'm pretty sure it's an old film reel. They used to torture the patients by cramming them all into this small room to watch horrible movies... so serial.
My chair heaven! I NEED! I NEED!
I NEED those chairs!
I need to go get that couch!
your photos are absolutely inspiring. so sad such beauty will be demolished. tx for saving it in photos
Dave Willy - Look for the Buffalo Central Terminal under locations
You're so intelligent Motts! Can I um... Will you um... Nevermind...
Don't feel too bad, I am too!
Step right up.... guess your weight... win some crap!
Prolly a stupid question with an obvious answer for which I will feel stupid for asking in the very near future but... What is that on the right side that appears to be boarded up?
Better than Pepto-pink!
Am I the only one who just had to visit! I feel so.... stupid? Great shots Motts!
I'm sure "spidergirl" will anyway....
The only pleasant experience I've ever had at the dentist was when they hooked me up to the nitrous and left the room!