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wow. veddy, veddy nice.
For those who have been allowed into the Asylum, I'm wondering who you contacted to gain access to the buildings. I've been searching for an address for ages and haven't found one. Any help would be much appreciated!

I'm from MA, so it kind of hurts when people are so willing to say it's all MA's fault for letting the place go. It happens all over the place so there's no point in placing the blame on a figurehead.

Danvers is a really unfortunate case of special interest. I hate to think about what's going to happen to it (but que sera, sera, it's already happening) and the developers that are actively involved. It sucks.

But there are cases in which the land is going to be developed for a more practical reason, say, legislators working to demolish Worcester's hospital in order to build a new one. I don't want to see WSH go, but heck, we need more hospitals desperately (for the record, some of the patients at WSH were released to some kind of halfway house in my hometown - because what we really need is sexual deviants living next to the YMCA, right?)!

I'm just wary of saying, I hope such-and-such never know?
Because it simply didn't matter at the time - that's why.

What do you do with something that's no longer being used? Trash it or leave it behind.

Yes, I'm sure some of it would sell quite well on eBay, but things like eBay didn't even exist when some of these places closed, and I doubt the state would have gone for that anyway.

I assure you, VERY FEW of us who frequent this website would dream of vandalizing these places or stealing from them. Hell, I've never even been inside any of them (unless inside the fence counts!).

Check your insults at the door. That's not the purpose of the site.

And really, the only idiot here is one who can't spell and needs to curse in every sentence. You're in a glass house, dear.
I know what it is...something to get tetanus from. ;)
Interesting enough with those wacky tiles...
The dead-looking tree adds a perfect touch, drawing the onlooker's eye to the deteriorating landscape. Amazing.
I'm loving these shots of doors with mismatched angles!
Looks like a 5 1/2 minute hallway to me. (obscure book reference)

In other words, amazing depth.
Was there supposed to be tile only around the faucet? So odd. That's the least inviting tub I've ever seen.
Pink...not a particularly agitating pink though. That X is mesmerizing. One of the most interesting hallway shots I've seen on the site, I think. :)
Who, or what, is "Mush", I wonder?
Beautiful doors!
Are these shutters all over British buildings? They're so odd. I want windows like that...

Great shot, especially in the black and white.