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I just noticed that myself looked like the exit sign was lit up so evidently there was power still active in the building someplace
I wouldnt mind going and exploring around this place myself, if i knew where it was and if it wasnt too far away from me
I went and checked out the old rope factory of hooven alison thise office are remins me of some of their rooms..though not quite as fancy
if anyone knows where this place is here email me thanks

max (ceo Night rangers paintball/explore group)
kinda looks like it belongs in the movie SILENT HILL
OK, but all I'm wearing under it is what God gave me!
wow. real discussions on a message board. who would've thunk it?
It -is- rather depressing that this historical place is going to be torn down and turned into an amusement park. At the same time, it's disappointing, that some people care more about raking in cash from poor sods paying ten dollars for a can of soday instead of preserving pieces of our history that, once gone, cannot be restored.

And to whoever has the argument that Norwich needs some entertainment. I point you across the Thames River, there's a friggin' casino over there. Oh, and don't forget about the -other- casino that's close to Norwich. So there, 2 casinos and you want more entertainment? What, pray tell, is wrong with you?
heyy, almost like you could enter the asylums past by walking tru. creepy
You are so right Susie! this photo really spoke to me! That photo really was a great marriage in architecture and abstract art. When i saw this photo, my life nearly changed, i know it sounds corny, but it really did. motts you really know how to take superlative photos.
I drive by those buildings every day. The cops sit out front every day. Nothing changes. I keep hearing of imminent demolition, but it never comes. As with Byberry and other places, I think there are three major holdups:
Asbestos, asbestos, and asbestos. The mesiothelioma ambulance chasers wait with baited breath!
The school shut down the year before I moved to the area. Local papers published Belchertown school horror stories thoughout the 1990s. It was pretty nasty. It did not garner as much attention as Northampton State Hospital, but it was pretty notorious.
May I offer some constructive criticism? I like your photography much better without cheesy goth chicks with birdy-wings and lip rings. Thanks.
BTW, I hope she wasn't a local gal. The Noho cops are always looking to bust chops, and they never forget a face!
They just had some big meeting the other night about the hospital campus. I didn't go, so I don't know what it was all about. I assume it is local concerns over the imminent demolition.
If you cross Route 66 and walk down the little trail past the buildings that are still in use there are tons more abandoned buildings that belonged to the hospital. Not that anybody should trespass or anthing...
Thanks again, Motts.
It is funny how vandals seem to have tagged a couple of places, and yet the buildings aren't totally trashed by partiers, as is wont to happen when jerks discover an abandoned building. Interesting.
One word...plastics!
Polymers don't rot away. Not in a million years...literally!
What a stupid looking serpentine rainbow. That was very '70s, putting frickin' rainbows everywhere!